About Raw Rainbow

Riki Davies - The Raw RainbowThe Raw Rainbow workshop is based on 14 online sessions of healthy, delicious and nutritious raw food dishes, to inspire and enrich your knowledge of what a raw food diet entails.

Sessions will include a variety of Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, snacks, desserts, juices and smoothies, which will benefit and support your immunity (and lose weight!)..

Go at your own pace through this course, as you will be able to view each session as many times as you wish together with access to the workshop for one full year.

As well as the 14 step-by-step videos, you will have many printable recipes, personal progression lists and fun competitions via twitter and facebook to show your unique raw food creations in order to win special bonus rewards.

Riki Davies is a practising Medical Herbalist specialising in nutrition, a qualified lecturer, and author of the book  ‘LOVE LIFE – EAT WELL. Riki also Runs Raw Food Workshops covering subjects such as Anti-inflammatory raw food, Raw Beauty and Raw Sweet Treats to educate the public on what to eat and how to prepare it to achieve optimum health.

You will learn:

  • What equipment is needed in your kitchen
  • Learn how to grow, prepare and serve delicious meals
  • How to prepare raw food to achieve optimum health
  • To produce delicious juices and smoothies to boost immunity and increase your energy level
  • How to create nutritious dishes to act as an anti-inflammatory aid
  • The health benefits of the ingredients used
  • A quick and easy way to plan your meals
  • How to sweeten up your desserts without processed sugar
  • How to spend less and achieve more when eating raw
  • And many more...

Completing this workshop will encourage and inspire you to eat healthy and maintain a positive outlook to create a new you!