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Pomegranate Surprise Juice!

Date: 22nd Jan 2017

For many years I have been a great lover of Pomegranate juice, it’s super refreshing and incredibly tasty. Did you know that it contains 365 seeds and that the Jewish people use it during their New Year celebration to bless one another and have a prosperous year. It has impressive Anti-Inflammatory effects due to the antioxidant qualities. Studies have indicated that drinking […]


Date: 15th Jan 2017

Creating this tasty and warming tea will make you feel so good in the winter days, I found it very energising in days like today where the weather is so cold and dark outside. I went for a walk and invited my friend to come in to try my new tea and she really liked […]

The Missing Link to Energetic Body Smoothies

Date: 8th Jan 2017

I am often asked for energetic smoothie recipes to raise the energy particularly at the beginning of the year when we get the ‘pick-me-up’ feelings. Some people even ask about green smoothies for detox which I will post soon. In this post, I will outline the need for energy to help us get going and […]


Date: 29th Dec 2016

Although this dish is not completely raw, I thought it might be a baby steps to introduce raw food for people that wish to start eating raw.  As it is the winter time, I decided to make a warming, delicious and nutritious soup with the seasonal vegetables you would love. It is a good source […]