Healthy And Delicious Raw Cuisine Workshop Testimonials

"Thanks for the workshop, I really enjoyed it. I found actually seeing raw food being prepared and then tasting it most beneficial & inspiring. Also it was wonderful being in a group of like-minded people (I often feel the odd one out!) and the size of group was right - nice and small so nobody could feel intimidated. My only change would be - make it longer!"
~ Alison


" I have just bought your book on kindle, as I loved your healthy pie which I'm hoping my children will love just as much as I did!"
~ Jennifer


"I just wanted to thank you for a really enjoyable and informative morning. It has certainly helped me think about raw foods in a far more creative way, and the goodies bag was a lovely gesture full of very useful things! I am especially looking forward to making my own almond milk and muesli and it never occurred to me how easy it is! Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you at your future workshops."
~ Julie


"I enjoyed the workshop very much and went home with many good ideas/suggestions. Have looked carefully through your book and will try out some of the recipes; Thanks again."
~ Monika Barclay